Terms and Conditions


Congratulations and welcome to your visit to Salea.
We hope you have a most enjoyable and relaxing stay. It’s a magical place – let’s keep it that way!

  • Accommodation: Check in from 2pm on day of arrival and check out 10am on day of departure. We have a cleaning service that will come in between these times.
  • House #2 capacity:
    • 2 queen beds, 1 king single bed and 2 trundle beds plus a 2-person sofa bed (loungeroom).
    • Comfortably sleeps eight (8) adults.
  • Parent’s Retreat capacity:
    • 2 king single beds (can be pushed together for super king bed) plus 1 trundle bed.
    • Comfortably sleeps three (3) adults.
  • Parking: When you arrive, please feel free to park close to the houses but please try not to block access ways to the sheds, Main House or front gate path.
  • Keys: House #2 and the Parent’s Retreat each have their own key lock box which you will collect the keys from and return them to at the end of your stay. The code for these will be provided separately.
  • Register of who is on the farm: In case of emergency, we need to know who is on the farm, especially during natural disasters. When booking you will be asked to list the names of those coming with you.

Salea is a fully working farm. It’s also a great new part of our future.

That means when on-site please be aware of a few house rules.

  • Gates: Close all gates after you (including the gate onto Salisbury Road).
  • Our farmer: This is our farmer’s workplace. Please respect that whilst you are on holiday, he is busy working and has many things to attend to. Feel free to wave and say hello, but let him get on with the business of running the farm.
  • Noise: Guests should respect quiet hours and should not disturb the surrounding homes on the property or the neighbours with a disruptive level of noise (loud music, shouting, slamming doors, etc.).
  • Pets on site: All pets need to be approved by the Committee prior to booking the accommodation. Guests should not bring any pets inside the accommodation. The guest is responsible for providing bedding or housing for the pet on the deck if they are to be brought on to the farm and the pet should remain on the lead, when not within the fenced deck area, to prevent the pet from walking freely around the farm. Service animals are not considered pets.
  • Respect for the animals: Don’t try to pet the cows or any other farm animal.   
  • Fire Pit & BBQ: If you do want to make a fire in the fire pit outside of the houses, please remember to be fire-safe, observe fire danger ratings and total fire bans, and ensure an adult is in attendance at all times. Same goes for the use of the BBQ.
  • Bonfires are banned.
  • Shooting/hunting is banned.
  • 4WD & Trail bike: Trail bike riding is banned. As is 4WD unless prior approval from the Committee is provided in writing. These activities cut into our farmer’s workplace, and just gives him more work to do. Everything to do on the farm is available on foot anyway.
  • The shed and all farm equipment are out of bounds.
  • When you stay at one of the houses, it will be presented as you would expect – clean and tidy with all appliances working satisfactorily. When you leave, please make sure it is in the same great shape.  
  • When things break due to general wear and tear – the collective budget might cover it. If you break something however, just through accident, misadventure or general clumsiness, be prepared to pay for it.
  • House #2 can only comfortably accommodate eight (8) adults. Parent’s retreat only comfortably accommodates three (3) adults.
  • The houses are a smoke free zone. Ex-smokers can tell if anyone has broken this rule.
  • Rubbish: Rubbish bins are provided for internal use within the accommodation. A SULO rubbish bin is located beside the machinery shed for disposal of rubbish from the accommodation.
  • Ambulance/POLICE/FIRE – 000
  • Local SES: 132 500 (Dungog Unit located on Clarence Town Road Dungog)
  • If you find something not working, please advise the Committee ASAP so we can sort it out (email [email protected] )

Once you know that a cancellation is needed, please contact the Committee on [email protected] and let the wider Co-owner group know which days have become available via the Telegram chat Sydney/Hunter Valley Private Chat.

A full refund will be provided if the cancellation and above steps are taken at least seven (7) days prior to booking. If you cancel and take the above steps less than seven (7) days prior to your booking you will be refunded 50% of your booking costs only. This is a manual process so it will take 2-5 business days for it to be actioned.

As soon as the cancellation is processed, the date will become available via the accommodation booking calendar.

  1. Check that all of your belongings are with you – including the bathrooms and laundry.
  2. Kitchen/kitchenette tidy up and unload clean, washed items from the dishwasher and dish drying rack as appropriate.
  3. Turn back covers on beds slept in during your stay and put used towels on the floor in the bathroom.
  4. Put all the rubbish in the one location.
  5. Lock up the house and return the house key to the key lock box.
  6. Close the front gate of the farm after you drive out.
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