The Hunter Family Farm is a community of people acting with integrity to build and maintain a self-sustaining and prosperous food-producing, recreational and educational hub that demonstrates our respect for each other and the land, our values and our commitment to future generations.


Ours is a community of independent thinkers who work together to pursue our goals of self-sufficiency, healthy food, mutual support, kindness and prosperity.

We respect each other, the land on which we depend and the natural laws that determine our health and welfare. 

We are honest with each other, transparent in our dealings and have the courage to do and be what we genuinely believe is right, respectful and ethical. 

We aim to have land producing abundant, healthy food, a vital community and educational activities that nourish the body and spirit and provide enduring benefits for future generations while being delivered in a financially sustainable manner.

We manage the property and all related activities in order to sustain the co-owners as fully as possible aligned with their vision and desired outcomes.

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